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Tales of Misbehaviour

Katya's latest album available on MAINSTEM RECORDS - is an eclectic mix of Parisian Blues Gypsy N'Orleans Russian Folk Jazz...featuring Dave O'Higgins, Martin Shaw, Denny Ilett & Anthony Kerr

Back cover notes:

Most creative people I know have muses or find inspiration in the art around them, whether it’s a book, a painting or other people in their particular creative field. For this project I found great inspiration from Mr. Tom Waits, and the late, very great Mr. Louis Armstrong. I’m always tickled by Blossom Dearie as I admire her taste for the unusual. In this day of ipods, itunes, mp3’s etc. I took a leap of faith in compiling a mix of unusual tunes as if I’d downloaded an itunes concoction for myself. Enjoy!

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  • Temptation - Brown/Freed
  • I'll Be Gone - T. Waits
  • The Joker - Bricusse/Newley
  • No One Ever Tells You - H. Atwood/C. Coates
  • Caravan - D. Ellington/J. Tizol/I. Mills
  • Peel Me A Grape - D. Frishberg
  • Moscow Drug Club - Gabor/Stevenson/Keldie
  • Za Za - K. Gorrie
  • Evenin' - H. White/M. Parish
  • Reverend Johnson - K. Gorrie
  • Shed My Skin - K. Gorrie
  • Mr. Jones - K. Gorrie
  • You Fascinate Me So - Coleman/Leigh


  • Tracks1,3,5,6,8,9&12
  • Denny Ilett:guitar
  • Ruth Hammond: Piano,Organ,Rhodes
  • Chris Hill: Bass
  • Rob Brian: Drums
  • PLUS Martin Shaw: Trumpet on 5,8&12
  • Dave O'Higgins: Saxophone on 1,3,5&12
  • & Anthony Kerr: Vibes on 3,5&6
  • Tracks 2,4,7,10,11&13
  • Denny Ilett: guitars, percussion
  • Andy Crowdy: double bass, balalaika, lap steel & acoustic guitar on tr.11
  • Phil Parnell: organs, piano
  • Andrew Tween: drums
  • Dennis Ilett Sr.: trumpet on 4&10
  • Ian Bateman: trombone on 7&10


  • Production Team: David Hays, Katya Gorrie, Denny Ilett, Andy Crowdy
  • Recorded at J&J Studios, Bristol,& Red Gables LONDON UK
  • Engineered & mixed by Jim Barr at J&J & Dick Hammett at Red Gables
  • Mastered by Dick Hammett
  • Photography by Diana Lovring
  • Graphics by Rocket Creative www.rocketcreative.co.uk




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