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Pousse Café

Katya's second album, Pousse Café, was featured on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Suffolk, Campbell Burnap’s Jazz program on JAZZFM, and Ned Sherrin’s music quiz show, Counterpoint.

The album was inspired by the sultry 1950’s recordings of the late singer, Julie London, and has influences of Mel Torme and Blossom Dearie.

Pousse Café, the album, is a multilayered musical cocktail of varied yet beautifully complimentary flavours. A stunning collection of forgotten gems delivered in Katya’s unique, deeply melodic and sultry style.

Katya spent the winter of 2003 researching songs that tell a story, are not often heard or overdone, and make sense as a collection. The result is a recording that tells the story of a love affair, from initial flirtation, infatuation and devotion, to instability, heartache and resignation only to come full circle by the end and ‘fall in love again.’

Like some of the wonderful performers before her, Sinatra, Julie London, Blossom Dearie, it is Katya’s sense of dramatic nuance and commitment to melody and lyric that makes Pousse Café special, and gives Katya her inimitable vocal quality. Katya treats each song as though it were a four-minute play, meaning the lyric as opposed to merely singing it.

Some of Katya’s strongest influences are apparent as one listens, the edgy song adaptations of Mel Torme, the lyrical phrasing of trumpeter Harry James and of course the melodic and sensual delivery of Julie London.

Ultimately, the power of Pousse Café is the golden voice.
It is haunting, subtle—it caresses and taunts. You want to hear more.

Listening, you will find yourself “ Falling in love again”.

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