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Canadian artist Katya Gorrie actually comes from a little town in the UK called Liverpool...

Born into a family of thespians, it was her father  who decided the call to direct a young enthusiastic Liverpudlian theatre company was too good to pass up, so Katya’s entrance to the world began there. At the age of about one and a half, the family moved back to Canada.

After some years of embracing being a Canadian, Katya found herself, about age four, part of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School at her mother Elizabeth’s request. After several years of torturous instruction under a certain Ms. McKenzie Katya decided maybe Ballet wasn’t the best career choice.

By age ten, Katya was taken out of school to go on tour with her parent’s theatre company. The particular show ‘Kaliedophonics’ was performed in school gymnasiums with an entire symphony orchestra, introducing music, colour, movement and mood to young audiences. Katya was the youngest member of this professional and all but one adult company, singing, dancing and acting to people her own age. This thespian behavior continued for many years in which time Katya learned the impressive and useful skills of stilt walking, puppetry, mask work and modern dance.

As a teenager, she began to study German leider and Italian art songs, and immersed herself in the idea of becoming an opera singer…then came Jazz...improvisation, sight singing, history, modes…gigs for no money.

These events marked the beginnings of Katya’s passage…………..

“One of the most enjoyable singers I’ve ever heard”
-- Tony Andrews, Boxford Fleece Review

“Katya is a sexy, sharp-witted, dynamic entertainer.”
-- The Vancouver Sun



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