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Tony Andrews says...

re: Katya Gorrie – Pousse Café – Paramour 1

Last October I was invited to the Fleece Jazz Club in Boxford Suffolk to see guitarist Denny Ilett who is a very respected musician and arranger.

The bonus was the band included a new to the UK Canadian singer Katya Gorrie and my expectations were that she would be sitting in on a couple of songs to give her some exposure to the British jazz scene. I could not have been more wrong and the band was really geared up to showcase Katya’s talents. The rest of the musicians including Denny Ilett on guitar and vocals, Mike Gorman on piano, Oli Hayhurst on double bass and Dylan Howe on drums just gelled together to provide one of the best jazz groups I have seen for sometime. This musical platform catapulted Katya into one of the most enjoyable singers I have ever heard and her musical background in Vancouver really showed her talent and professional attitude to her art of the jazz singer.

The gig started with a very unusual up-tempo version of Big Spender, which turned a good song into a real toe tapper and set the scene for what was a tremendously enjoyable and satisfying evening. The Fleece has a reputation for bringing the best out of any musicians who play there and I can confirm this to be a fact, the only other jazz club which managed to do the same is the now tragically closed Vortex in Stoke Newington, London.

For anyone who wants to get a sample of Katya Gorrie’s talent she has released her first CD called Pousse Café with the same line up of musicians apart from Frosty Beedle who takes over on drums. It is very difficult to re-create the excitement of such a talented group on CD but they have made a very good effort to bring the live performance to your living room with a full and smooth recording.

Pousse Café starts with ‘Big Spender’ as did the live gig and continues with a varied selection of ballads and up tempo numbers including ‘On a little street in Singapore’ and ‘Born to be Blue’ all of which show her individual style and approach to the music. Katya satisfies my needs for a straight forward jazz singer in the same way as Holly Cole has in the past. Buy the CD and also search out a live gig you won’t be disappointed.




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